NX What are licensing options are available to use NX 'off the grid'

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Customer wants to use laptop at home and on the road.

What are options to license NX?


 (1) 4 basic options

 a) Connect from home to office SPLM license server via private VPN or 


 Simplicity. No separate license server and license to manage.


 Requires that an active network connection between laptop client 
 and office license server be available.

 b) Obtain a separate 'standalone' license, locked to a specific host.


 Moderate Simplicity. No separate license server to manage.


 Requires that a special *standalone* license be obtained, installed 
 on laptop. No diagnostics.

 c) Obtain a separate license and install SPLM license server and 
 license on laptop.


 Maximum flexibility. Can serve licenses to other hosts. Full SPLM 
 license server diagnostics.


 Most complex. Requires that 'floating' license be obtained, and 
 SPLM license server installed.

 d) Use SPLM license BORROW feature.


 Minimizes total number of licenses required at typical site.


 BORROW feature works much like borrowing a book from a library.

 Need to bring laptop into office to "check out" license.

 Then can disconnect laptop from office network and bring home.

 BORROW will expire after a specified period of time.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: P1859

Ref: 002-7004526

KB Article ID# PL7004526



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