NX X Retained Annotation is still Retained even after selecting a new attachment for the leader

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When annotation has become Retained, it is often the leader that has lost 
its associativity; however, even after selecting a new entity for the leader 
attachment, the annotation is still marked as Retained.


 This is because the annotation has two associations and both associations have 
become Retained. Annotation with two associations (leader attachment 
associativity and origin associativity) need to have both associations 
re-assigned before the annotation will no longer be marked as Retained.

After the leader association has been resolved by selecting a new entity, the 
origin of the annotation also needs to be resolved.

There are two options to resolve origin associativity: 
1. Select 'Edit-->Annotation-->Origin'. Highlight the 'Drag' option. Select the 
Retained annotation. OK the Origin Tool dialog. 
2. Hover the cursor over the Retained annotation. 'MouseButton3-->Edit'. Select 
the 'Origin Tool' button. Toggle off 'Associative'. OK out of the dialogs.

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Platform: all
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Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V7.5

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