Simcenter 3D Solutions How to extract a pocket as a new body for solid meshing?

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User has a rectangular pocket with blended corners in a solid, and wants to 

extract this pocket as a new solid. How can this be done?


 1. Switch to the idealized part and wave-link this body. Toggle ON 'Hide 


2. Then, select 'Insert -> Synchronous Modeling -> Delete face' command. Set 

the 'Smart Selection Method' to 'Boss or Pocket Faces' and pick a face in the 

pocket feature. This should select all of the pocket faces. 

3. Now, select 'All but selected' button (from the selection toolbar) and then 

select OK to this dialog. If this button is missing, then you can add it by 

selecting 'Tools - Customize', switch to the 'Commands' tab, select 'All but 

selected' icon on the right (scroll down to see it) and then drag and drop it 

in this toolbar. 

This should extract this as a new body.


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