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The embedded Capital E/E Reporter functionality is available in NX to enable cross-probing of data between NX and Capital. This article lists possible problems with the connection.


The problem is seen when the NX Capital Navigator is selected, and the Navigator panel displays:

This site can't be reached
servername refused to connect.

Problem #1: URL to Capital E/E Reporter is wrong

  1. In NX choose File > Utilities > Customer Defaults.
  2. In the Customer Defaults popup window click Routing > Electrical node, and select the Capital Integration tab.
    By default, the reporter URL is http://localhost:49901/reporter

Check that the correct server name and port is being used. The 'localhost' server name in the address above corresponds to the Capital Integration Server machine name or IP address.

Paste the address in a browser like MSEdge. You should see the login prompt for Capital E/E Reporter:

CEER Login Prompt

Problem #2: Capital Integration Server (CIS) is not running. Capital E/E Reporter functionality depends on CIS.

See KB Article MG613608 as a starting point for troubleshooting CIS problems: Unable to establish connection with Capital Integration Server. Please verify that your Capital environment has CIS setup and running,


KB Article ID# MG621234



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