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In this article we have listed a few FAQ Regarding Teamcenter Share Service Details and Data Handling Process


1.Does the system restrict the times of day when access is available?
[Answer]: No. we don’t restrict product usage, Teamcenter Share is available 24 X 7 X 365 days to all users.

2. Are accessible IP addresses or terminals controlled by the system?
[Answer]: Customer’s Identity provider/Active Directory management system needs to control the device access (IP address). Teamcenter Share don’t control it.

3.Can you issue a user ID for each individual?
[Answer]: Siemens don’t have access to any personal information like User ID. Once the users are added to Teamcenter Share with their email address, that user will receive a welcome email, and then the user need to create their webkey with that email address. 

4. Does the system restrict the data/files that can be uploaded/downloaded? (e.g., view only/changeable, etc.)
[Answer]: Their upload/download access is controlled at two levels – a)Account level and b) Project level.
a)    Account level: Users added as “Member” roles will have access to create/edit/delete projects and upload/replace/delete/download any files into the projects created by the user.
b)    Project level: On the shared project, there are three levels – 

  • Review: Project users with this access can view files online only, they can’t edit/upload/download files.
  • Review and Download: Project users with this access can view and download files, they can’t edit/upload new files.
  • Full access: The project users with this access can add/remove/edit files of this project.
  • Owner: The project users with this access will be co-owners of the project and they will be able to 'Share' the data along with all features from the other three levels.

Note: Projects not shared can’t be accessed by anyone except the project creator.

5. Are login and operation logs for each user obtained?
[Answer]: Audit logs are not in the product but it’s currently in the roadmap.

6. What items are logged?
[Answer]: Audit logs are planned to log below information:

  • Who did
  • What operation on
  • Which file/folder/project
  • When

7. How is the data transferred to AWS? Is the connection encrypted in transit, (we know it is but) can you provide any details on the type or level of encryption used? When the data is at rest in AWS is it encrypted?


  • Teamcenter Share has encryption at rest. All the DBs are encrypted with KMS keys
  • Teamcenter Share has encryption at transit. All the wire communications are over SSL.

Teamcenter Share has strong role-based access control. A user can see data based on his/her permission only. Teamcenter Share uses SAM authentication to grant access to the application. Teamcenter Share adheres to the industry standard best practices around our security (ex. ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2). More details can be found here. 

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