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This guidance will walk you through restarting MCSA (MindConnect Software Agent) as Subtenant user in VFC.


1. Background

Due to insufficient permission assigned for Subtenant users, they cannot restart device such as MindConnect Software Agent (MCSA) in Asset Manager Plugin UI; while, users can follow this guidance to restart MCSA through VFC as Subtenant user.

2. Prerequisites

  1. App Credentials (or Technical User. We will not use Technical User within this guidance) with the scopes as following:

    Note: keep the client ID and client secret, we will use them in VFC script.
  2. VFC script (users can contact Support Team for the script) imported to your VFC app (Note: you should have sufficient compute hours available for your tenant. The script only uses very few of your compute hours as it will not execute all the time.).
  3. Sufficient scopes assigned of the roles for Subtenant users as below
  4. The Device ID. Because Subtenant user cannot obtain the Device ID of the device that they want to restart, therefore this ID needs to be prepared for Subtenant users by any other standard users or tenant admins. 
    Check the content for obtaining Device ID at the below section.

3. Get it configured in VFC

3.1 Issue App Credentials

Go to Developer Cockpit, then issue one App Credentials with any of the apps you have in Developer Cockpit. Please be aware - you have to choose "Custom" option for your App Credentials.

Below is the App Credentials I have already issued for. You can see there are 3 scopes assigned to the credentials.

Keep the client ID and client secret of the credentials.

3.2 Switch the identity as Subtenant user in VFC

With this step, tenant Admin can be sure that the flow created by importing script in the following sections can be seen by Subtenant users.

Choose the Subtenant for which you would import the script and click "Show Flows of subtenant".

After successfully changing the identity, you would see the profile icon is in red.

3.3 Import script to VFC

Open the menu, and then choose the VFC script provided to import.

We will import it as a new flow.

3.4 Finish common configs

After importing the script, we have to finish some setups beforehand.

See here, we need to configure for this node:

Double click on the node to open it.

Check the parameters highlighted in red below. Users have to reconfigure with their own values for these parameters.

  • mindGateURL - the URL of the MindGate. For AWS platform, it should be
  • clientId, clientSecret, appName, appVersion, hostTenant, userTenant - all the values of these parameters can be found after you have issued App Credentials.

4. Log in with Subtenant user account

At last, Subtenant users can log into the launchpad; then, they could view the Dashboard by the VFC script in the previous steps.

Click the dashboard to open it.

Please be aware: the owner of the dashboard should be the tenant Admins, as the dashboard is actually created by them.

Below is the home page of the Dashboard.

4.1 Check Device Status

4.1.1 Obtain Device ID

First of all, Admin or Standard users should provide the device ID to Subtenant users, because Subtenant users do not have access to Asset Manager MCSA Plugin.

Users can find the device ID as below steps:

  1. Go to Asset Manager, and locate the Agent Asset (MCSA); then, click the Arrow button to go to another page
  2. Choose "Agent Settings" under the dropdown box:
  3. Thereafter, you can find the Device ID:

And now, Subtenant users can check the MCSA device status with the device ID.

Subtenant users can input the device ID provided by other standard users to this field, and then they can check the device status.

The information of the device will be updated once you click on the button.

4.2 Restart Device

After you have checked the status, then you would be able to click on the button "RESTART MCSA" to restart the MCSA.

After the restart completes, you can see the "Last updated time" change.

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