Siemens Xcelerator Academy Support Center Login User Interface and Function Changes Update

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On July 15, 2024, Support Center login user interface was updated, and you will be prompted to log in at Siemens ID. With Siemens ID, we improve security by ensuring Zero Trust Compliance.


Login changes to Users

  • The login user interface will be updated. Users will be prompted to log in at SiemensID, allowing them to log in with the same credentials.
  • Users will be prompted with CAPTCHA at the login screen.
  • Users, on their first login with Siemens ID, will be prompted to accept the revised Terms and Conditions.
  • Users will be prompted to provide extra fields (Organization Name, Organization Type, and Country) in the login if they are missing on the User Profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Siemens making these changes?
These changes align with Zero Trust initiatives. We are consolidating Siemens authentication systems to streamline and improve security by ensuring Zero Trust Compliance.

What is Siemens ID?
Siemens ID enables secure access of Siemens employees, customers and partners to different Siemens application and services. With Siemens ID, you can use one digital identity to access different/most services provided to Siemens.

How will the login interface change?
The login user interface will be updated, prompting users to log in via Siemens ID. Users must accept the revised "Data Privacy Consent" when logging in on their first login.

What will happen to my credentials currently used with Support Center?
You can continue to user the same credentials.

Will there be any CAPTCHA requirements?
You will see a CAPTCHA prompt on the login screen.

How will the session duration be affected?
The user session duration will be set to 12 hours.

What if my user profile lacks Organization fields?
You will be prompted to provide the missing Organization fields on your User Profile during the login process.

How can I update My Profile details? 
You can go to the Profile page  on Support Center and update the information there.

For Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Company, and Country information change, please click the “Need to change….?” links. It directs you to the Siemens ID Service Portal. Once you complete that, please log out Support Center and log back in to see the change reflected on the site in several minutes.

Please click the “Change Your Password” button to change your password. It will take you to the Siemens ID Service Portal to proceed with the password change process. Once the steps are completed, you can use the new password immediately.

Where can I find the revised "Data Privacy Consent" users must accept?
Please click the link to see the revised "Data Privacy Consent". 

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