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This article explains the hybrid multiphase model, which models the phenomenon in which liquid is injected in the form of a spray through the Lagrangian multiphase model, and as the liquid flows along the inner wall of a low-temperature pipe, it loses heat through heat transfer and solidifies in the form of ice.


This model has an LMP injector in a simple pipe.

The physics used in this model is as shown below, and fluid film, lagrangian multiphase, and VOF were used.


As shown in the picture below, an injector in the form of a solid cone injector was created and water was sprayed.

And the pipe wall was set to a sub-zero temperature to remove heat from the water flowing inside.


By calculating the model set as above, the following results were obtained.

As shown in the picture, the injected water droplets accumulate on the inner wall of the pipe and flow, and the flowing water loses heat and solidifies into ice form.


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