Calibre 2024 Q2 Calibre Release Highlights - Semi-Manufacturing Solutions

Computational Lithography


The release highlights presentation includes an overview of new features and best practice recommendations in Calibre Semi-manufacturing solutions for the April 9, 2024 quarterly release.


New features highlighted include:

  • New Calibre LSG DRM-Mode accelerates process ramp-up and design enablement.
  • New Rule Creator GUI supports custom rule development for LSG DRM-Mode flow.
  • Curvilinear MRC checks and SRAF print avoidance (SPA) support in Calibre nmCLOPC.
  • Open frame intensity optimization in high NA EUV source mask optimization. 
  • Non-uniform Tophat kernel type for SONR model generation.

See the attachment for the presentations.

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Calibre RET/OPC