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This article guides you through the process of logging into Cloud Foundry (CF) by creating and using service credentials. It includes a step-by-step procedure for generating service credentials and a sample login command for accessing the CF org.


Step 1: Create Service Credentials

  1. Navigate to the MindSphere Service Credentials Documentation.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation to create the service credentials.

Step 2: Login to Cloud Foundry Once you have created your service credentials, you can log into the Cloud Foundry organization using the following command format:

cf login -a -u [Username] -p [Password]

If your username is mdspsup2-tesuser and your password is FLx65KiPrt0rdP5xq9szH1SN7RFp7s33Z6gP2Lwsd0, the login command will be:

cf login -a -u mdspsup2-tesuser -p FLx65KiPrt0rdP5xq9szH1SN7RFp7s33Z6gP2Lwsd0

Note: Replace [Username] and [Password] with your actual Cloud Foundry credentials.


By following these steps, you will be able to successfully log into Cloud Foundry using your service credentials. For further assistance, refer to the MindSphere Service Credentials Documentation.


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