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Siemens Digital Exchange (SDEX) is an E-Commerce Marketplace that provides Siemens and Third-Party Sellers the ability to market, sell, and deploy their products as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Digital Exchange facilitates the sales of software and services through the SDEX portal by enabling Customers with valid Siemens WebKey accounts to purchase downloadable and cloud-based products using Credit Card or Payment on Account (POA) Siemens Credit payment methods with no manual intervention required.

Siemens also provides a Request for Quote (RFQ) payment path that enables customers having trouble purchasing products on the store with means of purchasing through a Siemens Sales Associate. Whether the customer requests help, encounters validation errors, or attempts to purchase in unsupported locales, SalesForce Leads are automatically generated with detailed information and routed to the correct salesperson to ensure sales are captured.​​​​​​

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