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How to install Simcenter Prescan SALT license


This article describes how to install the Simcenter Prescan license

Server installation: 

For this it is necessary to download the Siemenslicenseserver from the Siemens support center and the license file, which will be shipped usually via E-mail.

Start the Siemens License server application and go through it until it is asking for the license file. Browse to the license file and continue in the menu. 
The license will be now installed and will be ready to use. 

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In the next step, the port needs to be set: Usually it should be 29000, also during the installation of Prescan this port will be used.

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Enter the e-mail which is connected to the license.

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Check the box to have access through the firewall.

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Setup environment variables: Check or setup up the following variables in Windows to make the license installation work:

variable: SALT_LICENSE_DAEMON               Value::  SALT
variable: SALT_LICENSE_SERVER                Value:  29000@yourhostname

The license server application can be used for installing a new license, renew license and repair a license installation.

Node Locked installation: 

For the node locked installation the following environment variables needs to be set up in Windows: 

Variable: SALT_LICENSE_DAEMON                value: SALT
Variable: SALT_LICENSE_SERVER                 value: license file path

When set up correctly Prescan will work after installation.

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