Simcenter Micred Power Tester How to change SMU settings for PWT using T3ster SI?

Simcenter Micred Power Tester


If you change the SMU due to a hardware failure, you might need to change the SMU settings for PWTs using the T3ster SI, or the measurement cannot be performed because the SMU is checking the T3ster system.




Follow the steps below;

1. Log into the secret menu with the pass code 1148.

2. Go to 'Manufacturing 1'

3. Click 'Debug Window'

4. Log Window-Select 'SERIAL_COM1'

5. Check 'Show traffic' - Push 'Lock' 

6. Type the following: ADR 1 -> CL_SYSCONF9 -> BOOTLOAD_DONE -> WRPR -> ADR 1

7. Push 'Unlock' and 'Close'

8. Shut down the PWT, then switch on

SMU config in PWTs 01.PNG

SMU config in PWTs 02.PNG

SMU config in PWTs 03.PNG

SMU config in PWTs 04.PNG

SMU config in PWTs 05.PNG

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Simcenter Micred Power Tester