Siemens Xcelerator Admin Console What should I do if a user I've added to the Admin Console stays in a "Provisioning Pending" status for an extended amount of time?



This article explains what needs to be done if a new user that you've added to the Admin Console is stuck in a "Provisioning Pending" or "Deprovisioning Pending" status.


When adding a new user to a product in the Admin Console, a user may show as being in a status of "Provisioning Pending". Or, if trying to remove the user, they may show a status of "Deprovisioning Pending". When the user is in one of these two status for an extended period of time, please create a Support Ticket for Cloud Technical Support to resolve this Admin Console issue. Within the ticket, please provide the email address of the user stuck in the status, the ECA number for your account, and a screenshot of the Admin Console showing the pending status. 


If you have any questions or issues not addressed by this article, please work with the Support Engineer assigned to your Support Case – or if you have not yet reached out to our Technical Support team you can do so via Siemens Software Support Center: Open a Support Case.

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