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End of Standard Maintenance for Simcenter Madymo Solver and Workspace 2406 (both released in June 2024) is listed below. This date represents when no further updates or fixes will be issued for the corresponding Simcenter Madymo Solver and Workspace. Also please note Critical Error Cut Off (last date to report issues for a possibility of a fix) for Simcenter Madymo Solver and Workspace 2406 is April 14th, 2025.

 Simcenter release

 End of Standard Maintenance

 Simcenter Madymo Solver & Models 2406

 June 14, 2025

 Simcenter Madymo Workspace 2406

 June 14, 2025

Simcenter Customer Support will continue to provide support and assistance for Simcenter Madymo release 2406. Simcenter Customer Support will attempt to duplicate any possible code defects on the revision of software the defect is reported (when available) and on the current release or revision of the product. Simcenter Customer Support will not write a Problem Report (PR) unless the problem can be duplicated in a supported version of the product. If it is found that the defect does not occur in the latest revision of the software, the customer will be asked to update their product to the current revision to correct the problem.

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