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Real gas Mass and Volume fraction parameters missing in Transient Explorer even if selected upfront the run.


When running a time-dependent analysis it could be needed visualizing solution parameters via Transient Explorer.

It can happen that after the simulation is completed and Transient Explorer is NOT activated, we can see all parameters selected upfront in “Calculation Control Option”. Specifically, Mass and Volume fraction of a certain real gas. These can be seen as Cut Plots and Iso-surfaces etc..

But when ENABLING the Transient Explorer, these particular parameters are no longer available, even if we click on “add parameter”.

TE de-activated:



TE activated:



Before starting the calculation, Select also the Air volume and mass fraction in the Transient Explorer section as data to be stored:



At this point, after enabling TE, all the parameters will be visible



(If no detailed investigation is needed via animation or time evolution check, other “dirty” workarounds are:

1) Flip the palette without any transient, choosing from red to blue for mass fraction.

2) Before the simulation, activate the “Full Results” option in calculation control. In this way, the results can be animated mounting the scenarios from the different iteration frames.)


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