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The cf-report-usage-plugin is a helpful tool for displaying memory consumption, application instances (AIs), and service instances (SIs) across different organizations and spaces you have access to. This guide provides instructions on installation and usage, ensuring you can effectively monitor resource usage in your Cloud Foundry environment.


The cf-report-usage-plugin enables users to monitor and report memory usage, application instances (AIs), and service instances (SIs) for each organization and space accessible to them. This plugin is particularly useful for administrators and developers who need detailed insights into resource utilization across multiple environments.


To install the cf-report-usage-plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal or command prompt.

  2. Execute the following command to install the plugin:
cf7 install-plugin -f


Ensure you have the cf7 CLI installed before running the command.

Report Formats

The plugin supports generating reports in multiple formats: table, JSON, and string. You can specify the desired format using the --format flag. Here are some examples:


Table Format: Displays the report in a tabular format.

cf7 report-usage -o mdspsup2 --format table

JSON Format: Outputs the report in JSON format, suitable for programmatic processing.

cf7 report-usage -o mdspsup2 --format json

String Format: Provides a plain text representation of the report.

cf7 report-usage -o mdspsup2 --format string

Reporting for Multiple Organizations

You can generate a report for multiple organizations by listing them with the -o flag. For instance, to generate a table report for two organizations (mdspsup2 and nbgmsdev), use the following command:

cf7 report-usage -o mdspsup2 -o nbgmsdev --format table

This flexibility allows users to aggregate and compare resource usage across different organizational units within their Cloud Foundry environment.

Important Note:

Please be aware that the Insights Hub support team does not provide support for this third-party CF plugin. For any issues or inquiries, refer to the plugin's GitHub repository.


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