Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Hybrid multiphase application in spin coating process

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Hybrid multiphase application to express changes due to fluid mass transport in the spin coating process, a high-speed rotating process.


As shown in the figure below, the inlet where fluid (coating material) can be injected and the substrate where coating is performed are simply shaped.


As the fluid is injected from the inlet, it is spread thinly by the rotation of the substrate, and due to the high rotation speed, the thinly spread film-like fluid breaks off in the form of droplets. To model this physical phenomenon, physics models such as VOF, EMP, LMP, Fluid film, and Multiphase interaction were used as shown below.


Then, a create shell region was created and set to apply fluid film to the substrate surface and side walls.

By analyzing the spin coating process with this setting, you can check the phenomenon of coating material being thinly applied to the substrate and the phenomenon of the thin coating material breaking into droplets, as shown below.




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