Insights Hub IH - Ingest rate performance of MindConnect component



This article explains the issue questions related with Mindconnect device performance and upload interval range to Insight Hub


  • Is it correct to say that performance will be high for MindConnect 2050 than MindConnect nano than MindConnect 2040?
    •  Yes and No. If you configure 5 datapoints for both device you will face same performance. However, when datapoint numbers increase, performance changes and newer hardware has better performance.

  • Consider we are capturing group of parameters at 2 intervals. For example purpose consider 10 parameters are captured every 15 minutes and there are 40 parameters captured at 1 min interval. How does the MindConnect software decides to send parameters at what interval to the Insights hub platform?
    • Mindconnect devices are sending parameters in every 10 seconds to Insight Hub. 

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