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Original air date: April 30, 2024, Resources from the webinar are provided below


Join us to review Valor Parts Library – VPL – Persona Categories.

The webinar provides an in-depth exploration of the Valor Parts Library – VPL and the importance of assigning personas within this platform 
It’s easy to keep up with the most recent additions to our software by attending the webcast for an explanation and demonstration of new and upgraded functionality.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for a live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team. 

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of assigning personas in Valor Parts Library (VPL) to tailor user experiences and streamline workflows.
  • The process of assigning VPL personas and how it differs from traditional user roles and permissions systems.
  • How assigning personas in VPL can enhance collaboration and productivity within your organization.
  • Best practices for effectively managing and updating personas in VPL as user roles evolve.
  • Resources and support are available to assist with the implementation and management of personas in VPL.
  • The integration of persona assignment in VPL with other tools or systems used for electronic component management.

Question and Answers

How do I know the Part Number that has access to VPL?
You can always create an SR and our Support Engineers will help you find out if your part number is eligible to include VPL access.


How do I get access to the VPL? 
Basic VPL access is integrated with Valor NPI by default.


How do I find the link to access the tenant if I've lost the email?
You could find the access link here: Siemens | PCBflow
Additionally, refer to KBA KB000130894 for additional information.


How secure is our data on your SaaS model?
The data is preserved on AWS, and it complies with the high standards of IPC for data security.


How does SaaS performance compare to on-premises?
This would be about speed of access, since local database and cloud based will be dependant on company network speed and connection to external internet, it can vary in each situation.


How can it be connected with other tools?
It could be connected with Valor NPI as shown in the webinar, and then you could maintain the connection from Valor NPI to any other EBS tool, or connect it to Valor Process Preparation.


How does VPL adapt to changes in user roles or organizational structures?
How do you re-assign a new top-level manager for the PCB Flow/ VPL Admin once that person has moved on from the company?
As we mentioned earlier, all the roles could be changed and re-assigned to the user except for the Cloud administrator, which is unchangeable. It is advisable to assign multiple VPL Administrators for continuity.


Can Persona Categories be modified easily as users' responsibilities evolve?
Yes, you can easily assign different roles to members as their responsibilities change.


How do we see who the cloud admin is?
Cloud Administrator and VPL Administrator roles can be viewed in the Account Manager.


What is the flow if want to use the VPL cloud to validate Library Cells?
If you only require validation without managing your tenant, assign the user as a VLM user.


Does PCBflow mean we will do the design on the cloud?
PCBflow provides on-the-go checks and indicators for designs.


Valor PP creates spurious 'user' vendor aliases to satisfy the 'vshape' approximation - can we alleviate these from NPI?
We recommend opening an SR for assistance with this matter.


How are the various component types defined as an industry standard and how are their required clearances defined?
Component types are defined according to the JEDEC standard, which also specifies their required clearances.


Is there a limit on the number of users?
There are no limitations. Customers have the option to purchase multiple VLMs.


Do you need a cloud account if the VPL server is local?
No, a cloud account is not necessary if you are using a local server. However, transitioning to the cloud is another option going forward. 

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