Teamcenter X Essentials How do I create a task in Teamcenter X Essentials?

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How do I create a task in Teamcenter X Essentials? Tasks can be created to manage your TODO list. You can also use the task to manage the work for a Part or a Document. You can create the tasks for yourself or assign the task to another user.


  1. Log in to Teamcenter X Essentials
  2. From the global navigation bar on the left, open your inbox.
  3. Initiate creation of new task by clicking on Create Task button.

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  1. Provide information on the Create Task panel.
    • In the DEFINITION section, add the task details such as name, priority, due date and description.
    • In the DATA section, click Add Parts or Documents that you have previously created.
    • In the ASSIGNED TO section, click Add to optionally assign the task to another user. You can use Filter to narrow down the list of participants to choose from. If you choose not to assign the task to anyone then the system will make you the assignee of the task.

A new task is created and assigned to the selected user.

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