Valor Parts Library Upgrade required for VPL 5.2.1 and Older Versions

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Valor Parts Library releases 5.2.1 and older will no longer have access to the Siemens VPL database.


In order to comply with the latest Siemens and ISO27001 security requirements, customers who are using VPL version 5.2.1 and older will need to upgrade their VPL version.  This change will take place on  April 29th, 2024.


If you are using Valor VPL version 2205 or newer, you can ignore this message.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade to VPL 2205 or later at your earliest convenience.

Please check the Valor NPI/VPL Compatibility Chart to make sure your versions are compatible: Click Here

This change requires an upgrade of Valor NPI to version 11.5 or newer.
This change requires an upgrade of Valor Process Preparation to version 12.10 or newer.


If more time is needed to make this transition, we will only be able to offer the following:

We will provide customers with the ability to use readily available VPL Content in their obsoleted VPL, Valor NPI and Valor Process Preparation configuration for 30-90 days to make this transition.  The part number to request will be 249647 – “ VPL Enable Content Op SW” and only the quantity of 1 is required no matter the number of Valor NPI or PP users.
The VPL Site Content Server will need to be restarted once the license is in place.


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