Simcenter FLOEFD FLOEFD Remote Solver Service Wouldn't Start on Rocky or Alma Linux

FLOEFD (Standalone)


The FLOEFD Remote Solver can be installed on Rocky and Alma Linux which are both supposed to be binary compatible but the service itself cannot be started. An error message 'ERROR: failed to determine your linux distribution' is thrown.


The reason for this unwanted behavior is the check for the name of the Linux distribution in the shell script This script can be found in /usr/local/EFD2312_0001/bin (assuming a standard installation; otherwise use find). This shell script provides a function that checks for SuSE, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS but not (yet) for the newer distributions Rocky and Alma Linux.

By editing the script can be made aware of the two distributions.

  1. Create a backup copy of the
  2. Open the script as administrator with any kind of text editor (nano etc).
  3. Watch out for the line

    elif [[ $distro_type =~ 'redhat' || $distro_type =~ 'centos' || $distro_type =~ 'red hat' ]]; then

    ... and add 'rocky' and 'alma' to this line:

    elif [[ $distro_type =~ 'redhat' || $distro_type =~ 'centos' || $distro_type =~ 'rocky' || $distro_type =~'alma' ||$distro_type =~ 'red hat' ]]; then
  4. Save the file, exit the editor, check permissions and run the service again as described in the Installation Instructions.

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