Xpedition Enterprise Can a Gate Assignment be Changed in a Placement of Physical Reuse?

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If there are multiple placements of a Physical Reuse, can gates be swapped in an instance/Placement of the Physical Reuse without affecting the master and other placements of the Reuse?


You will be able to gate swap in one of your Physical Ruse blocks without affecting the others, but this means that the block with the change will need to be disassociated from the Physical Reuse source.


In the following, the placed Physical Reuse on the left is the master physical reuse for the two blocks.

The first block was placed and routed (containing U1_10). 

The routing was selected and added to the physical reuse so it also included routing.
This was then published.

A second instance of the Physical Reuse (Containing U1_11) was placed.

This meant that both placements of the physical reuse were identical.

I then swapped the gate in the schematic block containing U1_11.

Then forward annotated.

You can see that some routing was removed in the block containing U1_11 because of the gate swap. There are new netlines showing the now intended connections.





To be able to remove the hanging sections of traces/tracking and then route the new connections, you'll need to 'Flatten Physical Reuse Instance'.
This will disassociate it with the Physical Reuse master and it will now just be placed components and tracking.



This will then allow you to remove unwanted traces and route to the new gated swapped target pins.



This means that the master Physical Reuse still exists but the second instance is not now a placement of the Physical Reuse circuit.






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