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In Simcenter 3D Low Frequency Electromagnetics, solvers silently override model setups.


Solvers should either respect model setups in all their details, or issue messages with one of the following explanations:

  • The solver will not proceed because it cannot solve the problem as it is set up;
  • The solver will override one or more details of the problem setup (details listed) and proceed on that basis;
  • The solver cannot proceed without overriding one or more details of the problem setup (details listed). Does the user want to proceed anyway? Yes or No.

What solvers should not do is override details of the model setups and then proceed without notification. This can only lead to confusion. Most examples where this is currently happening are listed below.

Motion components

The non-motion solvers (Static, Time-Harmonic, Transient) ignore motion components in the model and proceed without notification.


The Time-Harmonic solvers ignore any coercivities in the model materials and proceed without notification. All PM Materials by default are treated as nonlinear and temperature dependent if not defined otherwise. It automatically calculates demagnetization.

Current and voltage sources

  • The Static solvers re-interpret eligible AC problems as equivalent static ones and proceed without notification.
  • The Time-Harmonic solvers ignore a SIN waveform's offset value and damping factor, and proceed without notification. Note that the Time-Harmonic solvers correctly use the delay value of a SIN waveform to modify its phase, and otherwise rightly ignore the delay value because they only compute the steady-state response, not the complete transient response.
  • The Time-Harmonic solvers re-interpret any EXP, PULSE, or PWL waveform as an AC waveform (the conversion rules are unknown) and proceed without notification.

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