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In Simcenter 3D Low Frequency Electromagnetics, one can observe a 3D Type B motion limitation and workaround for a rotating motion component.


With a rotating motion component set up as Type B motion, there is a limitation that a user may encounter. This is when the geometry of a rotating motion component is in contact with two exterior boundary surfaces of the model. A typical example would be an interior rotor with no stationary inner layer of air lining the inner diameter of the rotor (image below) or an exterior rotor without stationary exterior air surrounding it (shown in the example model further below).

Let’s consider the model where the geometric component (blue colored) of the motion component is coplanar with exterior boundaries of the model on multiple sides (the outer cylindrical surfaces and the bottom face). Similarly, the Remesh component is also coplanar with the same surfaces. The Remesh component is shown as semi-transparent in the third image below.


However, if one tries to solve problem with the 3D motion solver, it will fail with error 145007. The workaround is to increase the size of the remesh component so that the component(s) of the motion component are only coplanar to the remesh component on one exterior boundary surface, specifically only the planar surface (e.g. bottom face). This workaround is to make the outer diameter of the Remesh component larger.


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