Simcenter 3D Solutions 2024 Department of Energy Digital Twin Conference

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2024 Department of Energy Digital Twin Conference
An Exclusive Virtual Event for Department of Energy (DoE) Labs

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Thought Leadership Panel Presentation
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Drew Colliatie - Director of Government Affairs – Siemens 
Vivek Furtado - Head of Battery Vertical - Siemens

Digital Twin - Modeling the Complexity
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Joshua Major - Electrical Engineering Research - NREL
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Vivek Rao - Nuclear CFD Development Engineer - ORNL 
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Estelle Deguillard - Technical Product Manager for Simcenter Culgi - Siemens
Go Faster and Explore the Possibilities

Cora Taylor - Michigan Technological University

Justin Hodges - Senior AI/ML Technical Specialist - Siemens
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 Matt Williams - Principal Member of R&D Technical Staff - Sandia National Laboratories 
Digital Thread - Stay Integrated
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Don Mitchell - Department Head Mechanical Engineering - Fermilab 
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Emilio Baglietto - Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
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Chris Piela - Portfolio Development Executive - Siemens 

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