Simcenter FLOEFD Debugging license issues using while using the Siemens PLM License Server

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The log file from the license server can be accessed from LMTOOLS. You can access “LMTOOLS” by typing it in the Windows START menu entry box. When LMTOOLS opens, navigate to the “Config Services” tab and then in front of the “Path to the debug log file” click on the “View log” button:

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Sometimes you need to set the SALT_LOGGING_DIR debug variable to get the client-side debug logs. That could tell us where the license manager is getting the correct license from and what features it is grabbing.


1) Create C:\temp\mgls_debug folder

2) Create MGLS_DEBUG_LOG_DIR environment variable and set the value to C:\temp\mgls_debug (MGLS_DEBUG_LOG_DIR= C:\temp\mgls_debug)

3) Create c:\Temp\SALT_DEBUG folder

4) Create SALT_LOGGING_DIR environment variable and set the value to c:\Temp\SALT_DEBUG folder (SALT_LOGGING_DIR= c:\Temp\SALT_DEBUG folder)

3) Now run the FloEFD tool

4) When you get license error, exit the tool.

5) After exiting the tool, it dumps logs under C:\temp\mgls_debug folder and c:\Temp\SALT_DEBUG folder

6) Send both folders to support.

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