Questa OneSpin StaticFormal How to debug issues present in the design using different debug features of Questa SecureCheck GUI

Questa OneSpin StaticFormal


This video provides a basic overview of how to debug design issues using Questa SecureCheck debug features.


This is a part of the video series - How to view Questa Verify Secure Analysis results and debug the design Issues from within the Questa Verify Secure GUI. 


0:22 The results categories.

0:35 RMB on a check to bring up all the available debug options for that check. 

0:52 Double-click on the check to open all the debug features for it.

0:57 'Wave' window helps identify how the data is propagated.

1:34 Double-click on a signal transition in the 'Wave' window to open the active drivers in the 'Source' window.

1:49 Double-click on a signal in the 'Source' window to goto its active drivers.

2:34 Arrows to undo/redo or jump to specific goto driver selections. 

2:47 'F5' on a window to access its hotkeys.

3:22 'Schematic' window is vital for the SecureCheck results.



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