Capital™ Capital™ Harness Classic support to be removed



Siemens took the decision back in 2020 to sundown all Capital™ Harness Classic (CapH) tools. There has been no development on these tools since 2018 and no new features have been released.


Now, we are moving to the next stage which involves stopping the launch of further releases. The current release (MR2308) is the last official release.

In accordance with our maintenance policy, CapH will still be supported until August of 2026 at which point we will obsolete it in the price book.

Please get in touch with your accounts team to align on a migration plan if necessary. 

Customers with subscription licenses could migrate to perpetual licenses using it after FY26 at their own risk.

For customers with perpetual licenses already, no action is required, but they must be made aware that usage after FY26 is at their own risk.

Note: questions about CapH functionality will still be supported but no further changes to the tool will be made.

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