Simcenter Flotherm Issue: Floview crashes on start. It happens on any Simcenter Flotherm version 2304 onwards. Previous Simcenter Flotherm versions work fine on the same machine.



Cause: In version 2304 some of the features added requires support for OpenGL version 2.0 or higher. Machines running lower versions of OpenGL encounter this crash.


Remedy: Update the machine to run on OpenGL version 2.0 or higher.


  1. The batch mode, which doesn’t open the GUI, doesn’t require OpenGL support. So, the user can solve their models in batch mode.
  2. FloSCRIPT run in batch mode too doesn’t require OpenGL support. So, the user can run FloSCRIPTs in batch mode on these machines.
  3. Set FLONODB=1. This environment variable if set starts Simcenter Flotherm successfully without the Drawing Board opened. As the drawing board is not opened the Analyze mode and Tables windows are not available. However, the Visualization Viewer window can be opened for viewing the results. Other application windows should work as expected.

Note: This is an internal environment variable provided to allow users carry on working on the machine with minimal disruption. As it is an internal variable it is not fully tested and some aspects of the software may not work correctly.

KB Article ID# KB000130830_EN_US



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