Capital™ Embedded Configuration changes in the refactored Socket Adaptor module (SoAd)

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The article discusses the main changes implemented during the refactoring of the SoAd module, emphasizing its integration impact. The changes are valid from milestone 2403, Autosar version R20-11, SoAd build V4.9.0-Delivery-Build24404.


Very Important Note: C99 is required for the refactored SoAd module, it is using C99 standard features. The refactored SoAd module is compiled and verified by C99. 

The changes are  valid from milestone 2403, Autosar version 20-11, SoAd build V4.9.0-Delivery-Build24404.

Listed below are the main configuration-related changes in the refactored SoAd module.


Change No.1
ChangeConstraint of Sd on SoAd regarding SoAdSocketRemotePort of txSocketConnection and rxMulticastSocketGroup (CC 492033) eliminated.
Change Details.

According to [constr_3269] and [constr_3270], system template constraints dictate that in the Service Discovery (Sd) module, StaticSocketConnections must adhere to specific configurations. This includes referencing an ApplicationEndpoint with a UDP port set to 0, indicating dynamic port assignment at runtime, and referring to a NetworkEndpoint with an IP Address set to ANY (IPv4 or IPv6).
Previously, the Service Discovery (SD) module did not comply with these constraints. To rectify this deviation, the implementation of the SocketAdapter (SoAd) module needs correction because there is a dependency between Sd and SoAd. By fixing the SoAd implementation, Sd can adhere to the specified constraints effectively. 

The fix in SoAd to cover this part includes correcting the SoAd behavior as per requirement [SWS_SoAd_00589]. So that a SoAdSocketConnection could be opened by only setting the remote IP address (instead of remote IP address and port set). This could be a wildcard. If a wildcard is used, the connection should transition to RECONNECT state instead of ONLINE state (as per SWS_SoAd_00686).


Change No.2
ChangeEcuC PDU length configuration is mandatory.
Change DetailsMust for RAM buffer allocation.
Change No.3
ChangeNew parameters added to MD file.
Change Details

The following parameters have been deleted from the MD file:

  • SoAdBswModulePduCollectionInfo
  • SoAdBswModulePduCollectionInfoPduDirection
  • SoAdBswModulePduIdShortName
  • SoAdBswModulePduInfoContainerPath
  • SoAdBswModulePduRefShortName
  • SoAdSocketSoConForceTpRxFlow
  • SoAdTcpServerConnectionUseLatestAcceptedConnection
  • SoAdSocketTcpIfPduHdrRxBuffer
  • SoAdSocketTcpReconnectRetryInterval
  • SoAdSocketTcpTxBufferSize
  • SoAdExtendCtrlAPI
  • SoAdThroughputOptimizeForUlVstarDoIp
  • SoAdUserSocketConnectionModeChangeNotification
  • SoAdZeroLengthTxSupport
  • SoAdTxTriggerBuffer
  • SoAdSocketUdpBindAddrAny

The following parameters have been added to the MD file:

ParameterMulltiplicityDefault Value


SoAdSocketUdpStrictHeaderLenCheckEnabled 1,1Shall be true if SoAdPduHeaderEnable parameter is set to true. Otherwise set to false
SoAdRuntimeErrorReport 1,1Enabled



Change No.4
ChangeEnforcing Unique TxPduHeaderId Assignment in SoAd Module
Change DetailsIf SoAdPduHeaderEnable is set to TRUE for a Socket Connection Group, all Pdu Routes referencing a given Socket Connection of this group have to have a unique TxPduHeaderId configured.


Change No.5
ChangeExclusive Area Added
Change DetailsEA_Context is the newly added exclusive area. It protects the consistency of all global resources (e.g. Socket Connections, PDU Routes, etc..).

For proposed configuration of the exclusive area please check the SoAd user guide.


Change No.6
ChangeAdded Native Support for the Xcp Module.
Change Details

Since native support for the Xcp is added, Xcp module shall no further be configured as a CDD.


Change No.7
ChangeNative support added for CDDs according to the standard schema.
Change DetailsCDDs connected to SoAd shall be conform to Pdu configuration structures according to the Ecu Configuration specification.



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