Xpedition Enterprise Not able to change width of text or graphics using the Silkscreen Generator

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The specified widths in 'Width Options' of the Silkscreen Generator form are not being used for generated Silkscreen. Changing the width in 'Width Options' doesn’t work when generate silkscreen. Silkscreen layer is read-only. Silkscreen text or outline can’t be edited.


The main advantage to using Silkscreen Generator is that it can break text and outline graphics away from pads in case they overlap. The Silkscreen Generator gathers graphics from specified layers in the Silkscreen Generator dialog and then places new graphics on the Top and Bottom Generated Silkscreen Layers displayed under Display Control > Fab tab > Fabrication Objects > Silkscreen Items > Generated Layer.  These generated Silkscreen layers can then be photo-plotted as is.  


If Pen width for silkscreen text isn't 0, or line width for silkscreen graphics isn’t 0, Width options in the Silkscreen Generator dialog window won't work.  The line width for generated text or graphics will be same with the pen width of the original silkscreen text or graphics created in the Library. 

In order to make the above Width options work, you can only display Ref Des and change Pen width to 0 in the Properties dialog window.

If you also need to generate silkscreen Outline, you need to select the outlines and change Line width of Outline to 0 in Properties dialog box.

If silkscreen texts or outlines can’t be edited , you need to open Editor Control and select the follow options:

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