Opcenter Execution Electronics How to set up the keystore, for an application in Opcenter Connect Electronics 2310 ?

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Please find below instruction, how to set up the keystore, for an application in Opcenter Connect Electronics 2310.


To set up the keystore for your application, you'll need to modify the CN EL Server application properties found at the following path: %OPCENTER_CN_EL_HOME%\Server\gateway.properties. Within this file, focus on the properties prefixed with server.ssl.**, as they are essential for your keystore configuration. Specifically, you must define the path, type, and password for your keystore.

It's crucial to note that these properties are directly copied to the application properties deployed on a remote host. Therefore, the values you provide must also be applicable for remote clients. This entails copying the keystore, which contains the target host’s server certificate, to the same file path specified in the server.ssl.key-store property in gateway.properties on the target host.

For securing your keystore password, you can utilize the Encrypt.ps1 script located in the certification folder (%OPCENTER_CN_EL_HOME%\Server\certification\Encrypt.ps1). Replace the plain password for the server.ssl.key-store-password property with the encrypted value generated by this script.

Additionally, remember that all connections are configured using the values specified under mes.** properties in the gateway.properties file. Ensure that the mes.host field contains the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for your specific case.

Once the configuration changes have been applied in gateway.properties and the keystore exists on the target host, restart the CN EL Server and restart the Line Manager application from the Server UI to apply the new configuration.

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