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This article mainly mentions the calculation of single wire length in Capital which will be impacted by parameters set in Capital Component Manager, Capital Project Manager and Capital Harness Designer.



For the calculation of multicore wire, please refer to: MG610642.

For the calculation of single wire, there are several parameters like "Add-On Per Junction", "Percentage Add-On" and Round Value/Method etc. can be defined at 3 levels:

  • Capital Component Manager-> Companies -> Customer tab
  • Capital Project Manager -> Projects -> Specific Project-> Preferences->Capital Harness Designer -> Harness Engineering
  • Capital Project Manager -> System->Preferences->Capital Harness Designer -> Harness Engineering

The order of these parameter preference can refer to: MG577287. Following is a concrete example of the calculation of single wire. 

1. Settings in Capital Component Manager:


2. Settings in Capital Project Manager:


3. Capital Harness Designer:


  1. Wire Length with Addon in the path = Bundle length(45 + 55) + Connector-AddOn at Both Side (+12 + 5) + Add-on Per Junctions for the PATH from Left Connector->Right Connector (+ 3) = 120
  2. Then Consider Wire % Add-On: Wire Length  = Wire Length with Addon + Wire Length with Addon* (% Add-On defined in Library is 1st priority, in the case is 5%) = 120 + 120 * 5% = 126,

Add-On during this step is 6 which is within the range [Wire Length Minimum Addon, Wire Length Maximum Addon] which is [0, 20], so this add-on is acceptable.

If we change the Wire Length Maximum Add = 1, then the addon in this step is 1 because 120*%5 = 6 which is bigger than Maximum Addon, then Maximum addon is used. So  calculated wire length in this step is 121.

  1. Next is rounding, 126 is near 125, so the final calculated wire length is 125.


So, the formula is:

  1. Calculate the basic addon (Connector Addon at End1 + Connector Addon at End2 + All Junction Addon)
  2. Calculate the wire % addon : (Connector Addon at End1 + Connector Addon at End2 + All Junction Addon) * Wire Length Percentage Addon , and this value has lower limit and upper limit
  3. Calculate the Rounding value .

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