Xpedition Enterprise Generated Silkscreen Visibility Affected by Display Priority

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Product: Xpedition Layout VX


This article discusses how the appearance of the generated silkscreen changes with changing modes.


When changing modes between 'Route Mode', 'Place Mode' and 'Draw Mode', the appearance of the generated silkscreen changes to different positions with respect to other objects.

In order to observe this behavior, first enable the visibility of the generated silkscreen by opening Display Control (View > Display Control). Navigate to the Fab tab. Under the Fabrication Objects section, expand the Silkscreen Items drop-down and check the 'Generated' box.

Here is a picture of a design in a section with a filled plane area (in cyan). The generated silkscreen on the bottom is depicted in pink. Note that in Place/Draw mode we can see the pink silkscreen but in Route mode the silkscreen disappears under the filled plane area. 

Place Mode/Draw Mode:

Route Mode: 

This has to do with display priority. In Draw mode, the focus is the Drawing objects which is why the silkscreen would have a higher priority since it is part of the 'graphics'. Similarly, in Place mode, we can push and manipulate cells which include drawing cells. In Route Mode, the software's priority switches to the traces, vias, planes, etc. which is why the silkscreen would shift to underneath the routing objects instead.

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