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Learn how to seamlessly transfer datasource configurations from MindConnect Nano or IoT2040 systems to a MindConnect IoT2050. Save time by avoiding manual setup and ensure smooth continuity between systems.


If you're transitioning from a MindConnect Nano or IoT2040 setup to a MindConnect IoT2050, you may want to migrate your existing datasource configurations to the new system. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you do just that:


Export Datasource Configuration:
Begin by accessing the existing system (Nano or IoT2040) from which you wish to export the datasource configuration.
Navigate to the datasource configuration interface where datasource settings are stored.
Look for an option to export configuration. This typically generates a file, often in Excel format, containing the necessary information about your datasources.


Prepare Exported Configuration File:
Once you have exported the configuration, open the file (usually Excel) for further editing.
Review the exported datasources to ensure all relevant information is included and accurate.

If your datasource configuration includes OPC UA connections, please enter the OPC UA Data Source Password (if applicable):

Note: in the exported Excel file the password will be set as *****

Save Exported Configuration File:
After making any necessary edits, save the Excel file containing the exported configuration settings. Ensure that the file is saved in a location where it can be easily accessed during the import process.


Import Configuration to MindConnect IoT2050:
Access the configuration interface of your MindConnect IoT2050 system.
Look for an option to import configuration settings or datasources.

Select the previously saved Excel file containing the exported configuration.

Select the import configuration option and click on the import button to process.


Verification and Testing:
Once the import process is complete, verify that all datasources have been successfully transferred to the MindConnect IoT2050.

By following these steps, you can efficiently migrate datasource configurations from your previous MindConnect Nano or IoT2040 systems to the new MindConnect IoT2050. 


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