Insights Hub Resolved: Unable to Fetch Time-Series Data from Asset in Dashboard Designer



Users experiencing difficulties in fetching time-series data from assets using Dashboard Designer encounter problems where queries fail to retrieve records, despite using aggregate functions. This knowledge article provides details on the problem and offers a solution to resolve it.


When attempting to fetch time-series data from an asset using the Dashboard Designer, users encounter issues where queries fail to retrieve any records. Despite using aggregate functions, no data is displayed for the specific asset and parameter combination, with the query recorder showing zero records returned.

However, users find that they can successfully retrieve records for the same parameter using VFC (Virtual Flow Creator) or the Monitor app.


The root cause of this issue lies in the limitation of Dashboard Designer v6, which does not support round brackets within asset names. Unlike other applications, including Dashboard Designer v10, this restriction hinders data retrieval.
To resolve this issue, users are advised to rename the asset and remove any round brackets from its name. This action should enable the successful retrieval of data.


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