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This article describes how the light/ Illumination in the Prescan environment can be setup.

In this case the perception of the illumination of the environment also depends on the Sensor side, such as the Camera Sensor. The illumination will be different for Physics based Camera and other Cameras. In the Camera settings there are different values which also manipulate how the Sensor sees the World. For this, read articles about Camera Sensors.

To access the sky and lightning settings go to Experiment-> General Settings then click on Lightning the first option will show up. After clicking on sky and sun the settings will be accessible.

On Lighting: Three options are always enabled. If needed these can be disabled.

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This article focuses on the world model sun sky settings:

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For the Sky there are two models for generation:
Image Based and Generated. For image based there are four settings None, Air, Desert, Mountain. When changing, the background will look accordingly.

See picture below:

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Turbidity Factor
Ground Albedo
Light pollution

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The Illumination is generated Explicit and implicit:

Explicit sun position:
Here the Sun position can be set in Prescan x, y, z coordinates. With this, it is possible to create different illumination in the scene. For example low Sun position, which creates an orange illumination.

Intensity Factor: This values defines the Brightness of the Scene. From total darkness to bright.
Soft shadows: This defines the quality of the sun shadows. Depending on the setting, the simulation time can slow down.

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Implicit sun position:

In this case the Sun position can be set by choosing a GPS position, date and time. According to these values the sun position will be calculated for the specific place at a specific day and time. See below an example image.

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