Questa OneSpin StaticFormal How to run AutoCheck analysis through Questa AutoCheck GUI

Questa OneSpin StaticFormal


This video provides a basic overview of how to run AutoCheck analysis through Questa AutoCheck GUI.


This is a part of the video series - How to Compile and Run Questa Inspect Analysis and Debug the Design Issues from within the Questa Inspect GUI.

0:26 "Run Options" button to customize the compile and verify runs.
0:40 'Compile' tab to define compile options.
0:59 'Verify' tab to define verify options.
1:14 "No Progress timeout" option
1:32 Prioritize checks of interest.
1:47 "Engine Options" to improve tool performance and capabilities.
2:11 "Init Sequence" to define from where the tool starts the analysis.
2:25 Adjust the analysis preferences.
2:54 'Verify' button to start the analysis.
3:11 'Summary' tab shows analysis results interactively.
3:45 "Run Monitor" to verify results and monitor engine process's statistics.
4:32 "Source Window" capabilities.
5:02 define the editor for the source code.

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