Questa OneSpin StaticFormal How to debug issues present in the design using different debug features of Questa AutoCheck GUI

Questa OneSpin StaticFormal


This video provides a basic overview of how to debug design issues using Questa AutoCheck debug features.


This is a part of the video series - How to Compile and Run Questa Inspect Analysis and Debug the Design Issues from within the Questa Inspect GUI.

0:18 'Checks' tab listed all results.
0:26 Result Severity Icons.
0:40 "Filter by Type" button to filter and find checks of interest.
0:48 Status buttons to filter on status categories.
1:04 'Summary' tab categorizes checks.
1:32 "Signal/Module" tab groups checks by signal name and modules include that signal.
2:07 Open the debugging options specific to a check.
2:33 'Source' window features.
3:03 'Schematic' window features.
4:02 FSM view to give a graphical visualization of specific check.
4:31 Waveform view to debug a check using waveforms.

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