Questa OneSpin StaticFormal How to debug FSM issues present in the design using Questa AutoCheck GUI

Questa OneSpin StaticFormal


This video provides a basic overview of how to open the FSM window and debug FSM issues using its different features from within the Questa AutoCheck GUI.


This is a part of the video series - How to Compile and Run Questa Inspect Analysis and Debug the Design Issues from within the Questa Inspect GUI.

0:22 Open the FSM window.
0:32 FSM button to view the FSM diagram.
0:46 'FSMs' button to open associated FSMs.
0:56 Time arrows to highlight current & next state.
1:00 "Save FSM" button to save and print FSM diagrams.
1:40 'Goto' button to jump directly to a state.
1:50 "Enable Tooltip" button to see details about states and transitions.
2:45 Zoom In/Out Full for easier debugging.
3:32 View the FSM diagram horizontally or vertically.
3:45 Select and hide transitions and states.
3:56 FSM table to show all FSM states and transitions.
4:20 FSM window to source window.

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