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This guide describes how to use the AdminConsole to restore a CNXML for migration. By following this guide the user will be able to restore an older CNXML file as a repository and migrate it to the CND Administrator client. Please note that older versions of CND only support the previous VSAX version. Later versions support the previous four.


Since the 2021.1.1 version of the Capital Network Designer (previously called "Capital Networks" prior to version 2207) the Administrator client comes with an example for the AdminConsole that can be used to reattach backups.
With this example, also CNXML files can be restored as a repository, so they can be migrated to a newer version.

Follow these steps to restore the CNXML file as a repository:
  • Go to the installation directory of the latest installed Administrator client                                                  (Or right-click on the Desktop shortcut for the Capital Network Designer - Administrator and choose "Open file location")
  • Open the "examples" folder
  • Find the file "AdminConsole_sample.bat" and create a copy in the same directory
  • Edit the newly created copy
  • Add the complete destination after "SET DB_BACKUP=" with the filename at the end
    • example: SET DB_BACKUP=c:\Users\windowsuser\downloads\testproject.cnxml
  • The AdminConsole can migrate the CNXML automatically right after restoration, to enable the auto-migration remove "REM " from line 16image.png
  • Save the file and close it
  • Find "" in the same directory and edit the file
  • There are a few attributes that may need to be modified depending on how the local architecture has been set up:
    • CDO_SERVER_PORT (The port number assigned to the CND Server - default is 2036)
    • DS_PORT_NUMBER (The port number assigned to the PostgreSQL)
    • DS_DB_PASSWORD (The password assigned to the user "postgres" in PostgreSQL)
  • Save the file and close it

Double-clicking on the previously modified .bat file will start the restore and add the CNXML file as a new repository, called "testrepo_restored_from_cmdline".
The user can migrate the repository(one version at a time), or the tool will migrate it to the latest version(If enabled).

When the restoration finishes it's recommended to create a backup, as a new restoration will overwrite the previous one with the same name.

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