Simcenter 3D Solutions Tutorial - Read contour plot from a new CSYS not stored in the result file

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User can use a CSYS not stored in the result file to display contour plot. Sometime we solve model without export CSYS to the solver. This article will show you how to prevent to solve again your solution to use a new CSYS to read contour plot. Prerequisite : open the sim file relative to the results file (op2, des...)


This workflow don't show you how to use an exported CSYS to the solver, see this Knowledge Article .
Indeed, sometime we need to create a new CSYS after solving our model. We don't want to solve it again only to add a CSYS to avoid any waste of time.
In this case, open the sim file is necessary to create the new CSYS to be reuse in the Post Processing.


Open the sim file
From the sim file, in the Simulation Navigator, create a CSYS

Go to the Post Processing and load the result file.
Read a specific result
Click on "Edit Post View" to choose "Selected Cylindrical" for instance in the Result tab.
Open the Simulation Navigator to select the CSYS.

Click on OK


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