Valor Process Preparation Pin group ids are invalid for some packages (2310.1000)

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Error creating a documentation session/Error when exporting ODB++ (2310)


When using Process Preparation version 2310, exporting an ODB++ file or trying to create a Documentation Session, gives an error. This problem was caused by changes made to handling of pin group data in VPL packages in PP. Previously pin group indices were not imported correctly from VPL server and when Library Merge was changed to copy the pin group data to BOM packages, the data can be invalid in some cases. Then, when trying export an ODB++ file or trying to create Documentation Session (which first exports an ODB++ file to temp folder.
This has now been fixed in 2310.1000. After an ODB++ export you might see an error message about invalid pin group ids. Following video shows how to fix the data and get a correct export.

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