Insight How to run the Diagnostic Trace in the Insight Analyzer tool



This article illustrates the steps to run the Insight Analyzer diagnostic trace through the GUI


Running the Diagnostic Trace in the Insight Analyzer is useful for extracting debug information.

The instructions to run the Diagnostic Trace are as follows:

  • In the GUI, from the top menu, go to Extensions 
  • Click on Utilities 
  • Select Diagnostic Trace, This will open the Diagnostic Trace window

In the Diagnostic Trace Window:

  • On the Left side, choose the desired check to run from the Application
  • At the top, paste in the full path to the object (net or instance) based on the check

Screenshot from 2024-01-24 13-49-53.png

Note: the object name can be copied from the results table.
​​​​​​For example: the "/-N_2" was highlighted in the results table, pressed Ctrl+C then went to the Diagnostic trace box and pressed Ctrl+V  

  • The Diagnostic flag can typically be left the default, They will be set automatically for each check
  • Press Submit to get the diagnostic trace information in the main window
  • Click Export to file to save the trace as a file

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