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Simcenter FLOEFD Viewer is an easy-to-use, license-free standalone application to view and compare 3D geometry and simulation results generated from the fully CAD-embedded multiphysics simulation performed in Simcenter FLOEFD software.


Simcenter FLOEFD Viewer functionality

The Simcenter FLOEFD Viewer can be used to examine and also compare different *.EFDScene files exported from Simcenter FLOEFD. The FLOEFD Viewer allows a fully interactive display of result plots, animations, diagrams and 3D-Geometry by rotating or zooming to get full visual information. Individual plot features can be hidden and a visual comparison of different versions is possible as well.


Download Viewer and Example files

The Simcenter FLOEFD Viewer including two *.EFDScene files as example can be found in the Attachments section above or in the Files section on the top right.

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