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In some cases, it is necessary to change the port number for the installed Capital Network Designer - Server (CND - Server). This guide shows how to do this in a few simple steps, and it works for every version.


Before we can change the port number it is necessary to stop the CND - Server.
If the Server is running as a Windows application:
- Click on the Server in the Taskbar or select it with the Alt+Tab menu
- Once the Server console window appears type in exit and press Enter two times.

If the service is running as a Windows service:
- Type "Services" into the start menu search bar and open "Services"
- Find the service for the CND - Server, right-click on it, and press "Stop"

Once the server has been stopped correctly do the following to change the port number:
- Right-click on the desktop icon of the CND - Server and select "Open file location"
- Find "cdo-server.xml" right-click on it and select "Edit in Notepad"
- In the 4th row the current port assignment can be found:
<acceptor listenAddr="" port="2036" type="tcp"/>
- The default port number is 2036.
- Change the highlighted number to the desired port number and save the file.

If the server is trying to use a port number that is already in use by another CND - Server or any other application then it will display an error, and update the log file with: "Locked by another process"


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