Calibre Virtuoso Auto-Waiver Flow

IC Verification & Signoff


Designers often want to waive violations for their IP utilizing the architecture of Calibre Auto-Waivers through Cadence Design Environment.  The Virtuoso Auto-waiver flow supports this integration, based on creating the Cadence database Waiver Library and instantiating the waiver cells from within it to be merged with the instantiated cells in the Design Library. 


This video will cover how to leverage “Virtuoso Auto-Waiver Flow” which will allow integrating waivers directly into the Cadence database. 

As Pcells get randomly renamed when exporting their waivers to the waiver cells. This video will also tackle how to resolve the Pcells' violations by waiving them on the top level rather than the pcell level by using the EXPAND CELL statement with no negative impacts on the performance.

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