Calibre Virtuoso Auto-Waiver Flow

IC Verification & Signoff


When verifying IPs with Calibre, typically designers wish to waive their IP violations utilizing the architecture of Calibre Auto-Waivers within their own Virtuoso design environment. The Virtuoso Auto-waiver flow supports this integration, allowing users to integrate waivers directly into Cadence database. This can be done by creating a Cadence database Waiver Library and instantiating the waiver cells from within this Waiver library to be merged with the instantiated cells in the design library. 


This video will cover how to leverage “Virtuoso Auto-Waiver Flow” to allow users to integrate waivers directly into Cadence database. The "Virtuoso Waiver Flow" is supported to run from Calibre integrated in Virtuoso. 

Users typically face problems when they are trying to highlight violations or export waivers on the Pcell level as pcells are renamed dynamically during stream out and on input to Calibre, appended with a "$$+random number" suffix, and no longer match the cell name in Virtuoso.

This video will also tackle how to address this issue by reporting pcells' violations on the parent cell level instead of the pcells' level. This can be done during the Calibre DRC run through the use of the EXPAND CELL operation, with no negative impact on performance.

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