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This knowledge article provides a Simcenter Madymo example model of a 4-point seat belt used in a generic frontal impact sled test load case, routed on the Hybrid-III 50th male ellipsoid dummy model.


The model attached to this knowledge article is meant to explain how a 4-point seat belt with a central buckle and stitched joints for lap and shoulder belt segments can be modelled.

A zip file with the example input file (R2306) is attached to the article. Besides the Madymo XML input deck, the zipfile also includes session files for results display in MADPost (animation and belt force signals only) and a pdf document providing a global explanation of the model setup, the model parameters included as DEFINE variables, some design aspects of the 4-point seat belt system and user handling guidelines for the 4-point seat belt model. 

The picture below shows the setup of of the Simcenter Madymo example model.


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